Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Planned Giving

LSVI has provided services on thousands cases over the years with a market reach of 48,000 citizens. We do clinics, outreach, community education and provide support for other community based organizations and partners. You could have an incredible impact on the lives of the disadvantaged for many years by leaving a legacy for justice. Remembering Legal Services in your will or estate plan can help change lives for generations to come.

A planned gift is one made from your assets that would allow you to make a greater gift than would otherwise be possible. This gift is normally determined during your estate planning and may allow you to secure tax savings, enhanced cash flow, and the preservation of your assets for your family.

Planned Giving Options

  • Bequest: You can make a specific bequest by making a gift to LSVI through a will, by specifying an amount of money or parcel of property to be left for LSVI. You can also make it from the residue of one’s estate. A residuary bequest will leave LSVI with some or all of the remainder of one’s estate after their specific bequests, debts, taxes, and all other expenses have been paid.
  • Life Insurance: One can make a gift to LSVI by placing LSVI as the beneficiary of all or a portion   of your life insurance policy.
  • Retirement Plans & IRAs: Retirement Plan assets may be subject to estate and income taxes, which will result in a reduced percentage for your heirs. Your estate can enjoy substantial tax savings by designating a charitable beneficiary, like LSVI, as a beneficiary or part beneficiary.

Employer Matching Gift Programs

You can double the impact of your gift by asking your employer to match your contribution. Many Virgin Islands companies offer matching gift programs. If your employer matches the charitable contributions of its employees, this is a great way to double the value of your donation to LSVI. You can have your gift deducted from your paycheck by designating a contribution to Legal Services. Contact your employer to find out about the gift matching program.

Donate Stocks or Marketable Securities

Donating stocks or other securities like treasuries or mutual funds that you have owned for a year or more provides many benefits and when converted to cash can go a long way to reaching those most in need of our services. This type of contribution affords you to take an income deduction for the current value of the stock as well as avoid capital gains. .

Your contribution is tax-deductible, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation and its programs.

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