What We Do

Since 1969, Legal Services of the Virgin Islands, Inc. (LSVI) has been persevering to make equal justice a reality to all who need it.  We see the Virgin Islands as a community where our people’s need for free legal services is made possible through LSVI paving a way for readily available access to our justice system.

All of the programs of LSVI focus primarily on providing free, high quality, client-centered, civil legal representation to low-income and disadvantaged individuals.  We serve the elderly, victims of domestic violence, the disabled, abused and neglected children, and low-income individuals pursuant to the federal poverty guidelines.  The range of legal assistance includes advice and counsel, brief services, limited representation, full direct representation (generally litigation), legal education and self-help clinics.

We are proud of our record and history of providing vitally needed services to our people each year, people who have no where else to turn.  LSVI continues to provide and are seeking new ways to meet the growing demand for legal assistance. Please visit our Program Priorities to learn more about our services.

We also urge you to join us by making a difference and committing to serve with us by making a regular Donation to avail this valuable service so that it may continue to be available for many years to come!