Housing & Foreclosure

LSVI attorneys assist low income persons in housing cases involving the acquisition, preservation or access to housing for homestead and shelter. LSVI’s primary goal is to prevent homelessness that are caused from wrongful evictions, illegal lockouts, unfair and improper foreclosure actions or cases that involve discrimination.  The work of LSVI’s attorneys may includes defense of foreclosures and evictions, ameliorating dangerous environmental conditions and other landlord/tenant disputes.  Priority is given to instances where a foreclosure actions is improperly sought or a client may lose their subsidized housing wrongfully.

LSVI provides a broad range of assistance to low-income tenants and homeowners.  Our goal is preserve safe and affordable housing for vulnerable residents, prevent homelessness, ensure economic stability for families, and promote stability in the community.  LSVI also holds outreach seminars where the attorneys educate residents about their housing rights and  inform the community about the legalities involved with housing and foreclosure. LSVI focuses on the following housing and foreclosure areas:

  • Nonpayment and other eviction proceedings
  • Obtaining reasonable accommodations
  • Representing clients at administrative hearings with the local housing departments
  • Deed of Gifts
  • Mortgage foreclosure proceedings
  • Conducting foreclosure settlement conferences
  • Securing mortgage loan modifications