The family law cases that LSVI handles involve the preservation, support and safety of families and individual family members.  Priority attention will be given to matters involving domestic abuse and other family law matters where legal action is required to protect the health, safety and welfare of family members. LSVI assists low-income clients who are defenseless in a complex legal system and do not have representation in their family law matters.  LSVI’s experienced and culturally sensitive attorneys are able to represent their clients efficiently to find a solution to their legal needs.

The services in Family Law that LSVI primarily handles are:

  • Custody/Visitation: LSVI provides advice and consultation to eligible clients and aim to assist as many clients with direct representation, if necessary.  Priority is given to cases where there is proven instances of neglect and/or abuse and where the health, safety, and welfare of the child(ren) is in danger.
  • Child/Spousal Support: For child support, LSVI generally refers clients to seek information and assistance from the Paternity and Child Support Division of the Virgin Islands Department of Justice, but we sometimes provide advice and guidance on child support matters; especially when we are involved in the client’s custody matter.  For spousal support, LSVI provides advice and guidance to our clients and sometimes would represent them with this request if we are already involved with their divorce matter.
  • Contested/Uncontested Divorce and Separation: LSVI generally does not have the necessary resources to pursue a complicated, contested divorce case.  However, we do provide advice and guidance to resolve an uncontested divorce.  Priority is given to a divorce or a legal separation that arise out of domestic abuse relationship.
  • Adult/Minor Guardianship: LSVI is able to assist clients who are in need of pursuing a guardianship of a minor or an adult.  Once a need is established, LSVI’s attorneys are available to provide direct representation for our clients in pursuing a guardianship.
  • Child Power of Attorney: LSVI has resourceful attorneys that are available to construct and execute Child Powers of Attorneys for our clients upon request.