LSVI aims to improve the opportunities for all low-income children and to ensure they continue to have access to their right to receive a free, high-quality education in a safe and appropriate environment within the public school system of the U. S. Virgin Islands. Our attorneys strive to inform all parents/guardians of their children’s right to receive and education, and to improve the educational opportunities for the children whose needs are not met through the educational system. LSVI is available to assist parents with their children’s educational needs and ensure that children receive all possible opportunities to learn and grow. LSVI offers consultation and representation to low-income families on a variety of educational issues.

LSVI also advocates for children with disabilities who may need additional services and benefits.  Parents of disabled children often need help navigating through the legal complexities of the special education system.  LSVI is available to help parents in securing the necessary services that are available for children with disabilities.  LSVI attorneys provide services such as individual case consultation, counseling, and direct representation to families throughout the Virgin Islands. Assistance is provided through advice and counsel, limited representation, or referral to another agency who is better equipped to assist. The areas of Education that are handled at LSVI are:

  • Adequacy of a Child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP): In limited cases, we may offer advice or representation to a client whose child’s IEP does not dictate enough services that the child may need.
  • Representation at a Hearing:  In limited cases, we may sometimes represent our clients at special education or school discipline hearings.  This may involve a situation where a student was expelled wrongfully or a special education student was reprimanded where their IEP was not being executed adequately.
  • Appropriateness of Child’s School Placement: In limited cases, we may assist a client whose child is placed at a school where all their needs are not being met.  This is usually prevalent where that child has an IEP that requires certain services, but the school is not equipped to provide all the necessary services.
  • Need for Supplemental Services: In limited cases, we may provide advice or assistance in requiring that the school provides supplemental services for a child who needs it.