Foreclosure Victory!

Why Clients Love Us-Elderly Story

Our client was an 84 year old person with serious health issues which required extensive medical expenses.  The client’s mortgage was subsidized and due to the failure to pay homeowner’s insurance and real property taxes in a timely manner, the mortgage holder imposed an escrow to be funded monthly.  The client could not pay this amount, thus a foreclosure action was filed against the client.  We defended the lawsuit by raising palatable defenses.  The case was settled and a consent judgment was entered by the Court.  The settlement provided that the client pay a sum that was accumulated in an escrow account during the pendency of the action and that the client would have the right to live in the property during the client’s lifetime without making any further payments!

-Shelby King Gaddy, Esq., Managing Attorney (St. Croix Office) & Litigation Director