A Victim of Domestic Violence…


Our client was not a U.S. citizen.  Her husband brought her to the territory from another country.  Client’s husband verbally and physically abused her.  he destroyed her cell phone and threatened to kill her.  She filed several police reports against him.  One day, he trapped her inside the house where she locked herself in the bathroom until the police arrived.  Client was truly the victim of domestic violence in a classic way.  She was referred to our office for assistance.  We assisted her in obtaining a permanent restraining order against her husband from the Court.  Also, we petitioned for her to stay in the Virgin Islands by filing an I-360 Petition for Abused Spouses.  We were able to get her I-360 Petition approved and get her a work authorization card. The agency has completed her I-485 Adjustment of Status.  it should be noted that Legal Services of the Virgin Islands, Inc. (LSVI) is restricted from providing services to aliens and/or non residents.  We were able to represent this client under an exception found in the federal Violence Against Women Act.

-Cynthia B. Moore, Esq., Senior Staff Attorney